Highwavves Relaunches For International Women’s Day

Highwavves Relaunches For International Women’s Day

Streetwear label Highwavves as led by Amina Ford is back on the scene with the relaunch of hand-dyed hoodie and sweatpants offered in three colors. Reflecting the brand’s female ownership, the relaunch was timed for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021.

First launched in Philadelphia in 2010, Ford moved operations to Los Angeles where the brand’s laid back surf and skate ethos was embraced by Wiz Khalifa and Chance the Rapper among others.

Snobette: How does it feel to be creating again?
Amina Ford: “It really feels amazing, I took a much needed break to get my personal life together. There was a time when I could not even think about putting my creativity into Highwavves. I might have had a creative block like most artist have when there’s too much going on.”

Wiz Khalifa in Highwavves

Snobette: What prompted you to relaunch Highwavves?
Amina Ford: “When the pandemic started, I promised myself to take a a month off from work and focus on this collection. It turned out to be all hand dyed apparel.”

Snobette: You put a lot of work into hand dying each piece, where did the symbolism of each color come from?
Amina Ford: “It’s funny because the colors were not planned. I went with the colors I was drawn to at the moment, which were violet, silver and green.

“I then looked into the energy of each color and found that violet communicates spirituality and imagination, green spreads harmony and balance and silver grey attracts intuition and mental telepathy. The natural fading and imperfections make each piece truly unique.”

Snobette: What did you want to communicate with Highwavves and your tagline ‘Elevate Higher.'”
Amina Ford: “I want people to know that this collection came from my heart and soul. I had this certain type of energy almost like a spiritual guidance that uplifted me to make this collection. I haven’t had this kind of drive in a minute but seeing how the world is changing, I felt like I needed to communicate to the world how creative black women really are.”

Priced at $120 for the Highwavves hoodie and $110 for the sweatpants, both items are now available on highwavves.us.

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